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  • Scott Gomez is questionable for tonight (word is that Markov sent some Russian mafia members to take care of him after Gomez had his raza posse cut Markov like a cockaroach. No word on the condition of his low-rider though)
  • Jaro Halak gets his 5th straight start, and Carey fully supports him
  • one of the Habs’ leading scorers, Metropolit, isn’t playing due to the flu (he’s on pace for what, 75 points?) EDIT: but wati…he is! Not content with making Scott Gomez sick, Glen seeks to spread his germs to Plekanects and take over the #1 centerman role. Diabolical.
  • Seriously, though, Metro is the 2nd line center tonight if Gomez can’t go. God have mercy on their souls.
  • THIS IS THE TEST, BOYS. The Pens are the benchmark to see what the Markov-less Habs are really made of. Now if Gomez isn’t playing tonight we’ll see what this team is like without a true #1 line as well. Can they keep the game close? Will anyone step it up?
Bettman's will be done, again?

Bettman's will be done

the Canadiens will have to have their guards up tonight

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