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jumping hab fans

Hab fans sparing themselves the pain of having to watch the game tonight

  • even though the Habs have been struggling to muster offense all season, strangely the centre position hasn’t been the problem like it was in years passed. Between Tomas Plekanectsh, Scott Gomez, Glen Metropolit and Tom Pyatt they’ve managed 34 points and are a combined +5.
  • another interesting stat is that in their last 10 games, the Flames are 6-3-1, while the Canadiens are 6-4
  • I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about ‘only 1 real win this season’. Have some of you been in a coma the past 30 years? Overtime wins have been legit for quite a while now. The Habs have 4 of them.
  • the Habs will be wearing their Christmas tree jerseys tonight. How festive!
  • Jaroslav Halak gets the start, thanks to Twitter

Breaking News:

Tired and aching defencemen are prone to mistakes.

Hamrlik, Spacek and Gorges are all playing way more minutes than they should, and are also taking a lot more hits than they should be taking. This is a recipe for sloppiness(a sloppy souffle if you will), so please, if you notice any one of these guys not playing as they should – keep in mind that they’re playing hurt (especially Spacek). Now I know what you’re thinking – Nik Lidstrom can play 30 minutes a game and he’s the best defenceman in the league, right? Well Lidstrom can strip people of the puck with little physical force exerted. He also always has a strong defence partner and forwards committed to team defence. The more attempts a team makes to get the puck out of their zone, the more hits the defencemen take on a shift. Detroit usually (haven’t watched much of them this year) gets the puck out in the first couple of tries. Think about how many times the Habs try to get the puck out, and how many times Gorges gets hit when the puck is contained within their zone.

So once again, please keep this in mind before you go on some half-cocked tirade about the team being worthless after tonight (let’s go full cock, please).

Over at the Alternate Universe Habs, Judge Sauer explores what would have happened if Pierre Page were GM and if Alex Kovalev were re-signed.


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