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Ovechkin brakes for nothing

I can only assume tonight will be similar to a rectal examination for the Habs. Though they must be used to people being invasive and messing with their shit by now.

  • According to Habs Insideout, Moen was on the top line in practice yesterday with Gomez and Cammalleri
  • Carey Price gets the start
  • Greg Stewart was assigned to Hamilton for a 2-week conditioning stint
  • Matt D’Agostini may or may not be a vegetable (joke. You never like to see someone suffer with a head injury like that). Did everyone forget about him?
  • David Desharnais is much more deserving of a call-up than Sergei Kostitsyn. Is he the next Stevey Sullivan or the next Oleg Petrov? Only one way to find out.
  • Ryan O’Byrne returns to the lineup and replaces Jay Leach, which leaves MA Bergeron to fend off the likes of Ovechkink. God have mercy on us all
  • Semin is out for tonight, and the Capitals are going with their backup backup. They won’t even play Varlamov against the Habs, they’re saving him for the Leafs tomorrow
  • EDIT: according to Marc Antoine Godin, the Habs will see Varlamov tonight
  • EDIT EDIT: Neuvirth is back in goal for the Capitals. Will people make up their ****ing minds?!

In other news, I love to see passionate fans. This is what it’s all about, folks:


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