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So it would appear that Jaroslav Halak is pulling a massive Toni Braxton an un-breaking the collective hearts of Hab fans after a rollercoaster ride of a season. Who’da thunk it?

Goalies: saving Hab ass since 86

Jaro Halak's little secret

Jaroslav Halak's little secret

thanks to FirstRoundBusts for the cartoons.


Firstroundbusts just put up this depiction of Alex Ovechkin (Ovechkink?) suffering the effects of elimination at the hands of Les Canadiens. I, for one, think it’s a decent look for him.

Alex Ovechkin dwelling in emosity

Alex Ovechkin dwelling in emosity

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Wounded Hab

I went to clean out the garbage cans, and I saw some flies dropping like Habs

  • It just figures that when the Canadiens finally get full exposure on Hockey Night in Canada, they’re in for an intense ass-whooping courtesy Ovechkin and the Capitals (Leafs aren’t playing in case you’re wondering)
  • speaking of full exposure, Carey Price gets another start. Hmm…
  • Jaro Spacek is playing, per Habs Insideout. The Habs are finally going with 7 D tonight. Jay Leach will bring the ruckus

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